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River Wye

Meandering River Wye
Meandering River Wye making its way through lush green rural farmland in the warm early sunlight.

The beautiful River Wye forms part of our local Herefordshire landscape. It is ecologically important and also brings tourism and financial gain to our county.

For many of us a strong silent river runs by. It looks beautiful and has lived forever. The truth is that this great amenity river is slowly dying. Farmland runoff and sewage discharge are harming the river’s ecosystem.

We need to heighten the publicity of the river’s plight and put pressure on government agencies to take immediate remedial action. It is man’s pollution of our river that is the cause.

The River Wye near Fownhope

River Wye in crisis

Agricultural pollution and sewage are harming the River Wye. We must act now to protect this tranquil beauty.

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The River Wye passing under a sandstone bridge

Phosphate pollution

Phosphate pollution can cause excessive growth of algae, which can decrease the level of oxygen dissolved in river water.

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