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Wye Viz – The next step in the fight to save the River Wye

By Angharad
1st December 2023

Wye Viz is an astonishing new online app which shows all data from our Citizen Science project to provide the necessary evidence for authorities to act and save our river!

The Wye Alliance has achieved a major milestone! Our dedicated Citizen Scientists have diligently collected river water samples along the Wye, detecting pollution levels for over two years. Now, their efforts culminate in Wye Viz— an innovative Open Source app that showcases all this valuable data online. This tool isn’t just a window into our findings; it’s a powerful asset for presenting specific pollution trends to Government bodies, Regulators, Local Councils, and the Media.
Wye Viz App
Wye Viz homepage | Wye Viz

After 2 to 3 years of relentless volunteer work, we’re stepping into an incredibly exciting phase. Our goal? To ensure that all this valuable data reaches communities, decision-makers, and influencers. By doing so, we aim to ignite momentum for vital changes our River Wye desperately requires—reversing current pollution levels, halting eutrophication, and steering it towards a vibrant, thriving ecosystem once again!

View Wye Viz HERE

Details about how Wye Viz works and how to use it is demonstrated by it’s creator Michael Carpenter below:

Thank you to all members and volunteers for all your hard work and support over the years and to Michael for creating this amazing tool.  You can find out more about our fight to save the Wye here.

Three scientists taking a water sample