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Are you looking for a guest speaker?

By Angharad
4th July 2024

We’re looking to expand our talk “Can our Rivers Survive” into some new geographic areas…

As you know, we are part of the Citizen Science army monitoring river quality throughout the Wye Catchment. The data we collect is used by the regulators such as the Environment Agency to identify pollution hot spots and their causes.
We have been spreading our knowledge and dispelling some of the myths by presenting “Can our Rivers Survive” talk about the challenges we face with pollution in the Wye Catchment. As you can see here, it has been well received at every event so far. 

Do you know of a local community with a venue such as a village hall that would like to hear about our work?

We do not charge for our talks but some local communities do use our events to raise funds and sell refreshments and cakes. Our aim is to inform communities of the facts and illustrate how they can help reduce pollution.  Potential areas we have identified (but are by no means restricted to) are Kington, Mordiford, Marden, Bodenham, Castle Frome, Bromyard and Upton Bishop.
If you or your community group would like to help us organise a talk near you please email
River Wye
River Wye Angharad Clarke