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Who we are

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We are the countryside charity for Herefordshire. We campaign for a sustainable future for the countryside and rural communities in our county.

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All about CPRE Herefordshire, our aims, history and how we’re protecting the Herefordshire countryside for future generations..

Herefordshire is still one of England’s more rural counties. Its beautiful countryside is dotted with historic market towns and villages and continues to support a traditional way of life. We’re working towards a Herefordshire countryside that’s rich in nature, accessible to all and playing a vital role in mitigating climate change.

We work within the planning system to further the protection of nature, local communities and countryside character. Our volunteers advise members and non-members on planning issues and frequently comment on landscape issues. We’ve joined up with community campaigns to tackle the pollution issues in the Wye catchment. Protecting ecosystems, rivers and soils is critical for climate change and our legacy for future generations. That’s why we support a team of more than 100 citizen scientists who are monitoring pollution levels in water bodies across the county.

If you’d like to help us campaign for a sustainable future for our beautiful county, please contact us. We love to welcome new members and volunteers. Tell us where your particular interests lie and we’re sure we can find you a role to suit!

Meet the team

CPRE Herefordshire is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) number 1194146.