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Mature adult couple in autumn woodland

Walking is a great way to experience the joys of the Herefordshire countryside. We’ve some guidelines for keeping it safe.

Herefordshire has many riverside, hillside and city walks. Over time we hope to expand the number we can suggest.

Being in open countryside is well known to help mental wellbeing. It also allows us an up-close view of nature at its very best. Our stress levels reduce and we benefit from the exercise and breathing fresh air.

How to respect the countryside

Please remember that most of what we perceive as enjoyable countryside may also be the work place for many. Please respect the people who live and work in the countryside.

  • It is very important to remember that public rights of way often go through farmland with cattle, sheep and horses. Unfortunately, there have been too many incidents that have resulted in tragedy for livestock and walkers.
  • Know where you are allowed to go. Keep to footpaths; do not stray into fields or woodland. A good scale Ordinance Survey Map is essential as it shows clearly where public rights of way exist.
  • Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls. Leave gates as you find them.
  • Please be courteous to other walkers and land owners.
  • Do not interfere with livestock, machinery or crops.
  • Please do not drop litter. Take everything you bring out back home with you.
  • Keep dogs on a lead at all times. Do not be tempted to let your dog run free. Farm animals and dogs do not always mix. Keeping a dog on a lead may seem harsh but dogs by their very nature will chase other animals. In the first half of the year, lambs and calves must not be distressed and their mothers can be very protective and aggressive if they feel threatened.

Enjoy your time in the countryside and help protect this great asset for future generations.

Further information

For a range of walks with maps and interesting information, go to the Herefordshire Council website.