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How to influence a planning application

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Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Planning is often one of the most emotive issues that affects local communities. Commenting on a planning application is a powerful tool to shape your community.

Anyone can comment on a proposal. Formal notices placed around the site, press notices and coverage or word of mouth may alert you. Your parish council will also know of all applications. They have regular open meetings when they will discuss any new applications. As a member of the public you will have a chance to give your views at the parish meeting.

So if you wish to support or oppose an application you need to send your comments in writing to the local authority planning team. You’ll need to clearly reference the application by its number and address. And don’t forget to be aware of the deadline! If you hear of a proposal and want to know more, try searching on the Herefordshire council website.

Although the planning process can seem daunting, it’s a vital opportunity for everyone to express a view.

For guidance on planning applications, please contact our Planning team by email: