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Meet the team

We asked our team what motivated them to join, volunteer and work for CPRE Herefordshire. Their responses illustrate the breadth of motivation but their singular focus is protecting the countryside for all.


Our landscape is a creation of unparalleled beauty. The union of nature with human endeavour. What took millennia to create can be destroyed in an instant if we fail to value it.

CPRE’s dedication to protecting our landscape is why I joined. Simply that.


My passion for our wildlife and landscape feeds into my artistic practice. I record and share the wildlife on our doorstep. Working with CPRE feels like a natural extension to my own work, just zoomed out to the wider picture. CPRE focuses on the landscape as a whole – on issues of soil and water that affect us all. It’s satisfying to see how our work makes a difference.


I love the outdoors – camping and walking would be my first-choice holiday!  I’m increasingly concerned about the health of our planet and have moved to a ‘greener’ lifestyle where I can. But after jobs as a nurse, full-time mother and teacher, working a few hours a week for CPRE Herefordshire, with its focus on promoting a sustainable countryside both environmentally and economically, helps me feel that I can have some impact in a wider way.


A local planning application for over 90 acres of polytunnels adjacent to my garden made me value how well-informed objection to intrusive planning needs to have a voice across our community. CPRE Herefordshire needed trustees, members and volunteers and I had no hesitation is stepping forward. Positive projects using citizen science has also afforded me the possibility to be part of the solutions making Herefordshire a better county.


Industrialised agriculture has brought the benefits of cheap food, while drastically reducing biodiversity and visually degrading some of the countryside. I support CPRE Herefordshire’s campaigns against further unnecessary encroachment and to promote a sustainable, visually attractive landscape.


I have had a life-long interest in plant life, both wild and cultivated and am a keen gardener. We are destroying the planet through the destructive policies and practices that we are all engaged in to a greater or lesser extent. I want my grandchildren to inherit a viable planet.

I joined CPRE because I believe that the way in which the land is used is of prime importance in ensuring that there will be good, healthy environments for all forms of life. Planning decisions play a crucial role in determining the future of our beautiful county, our part of the planet.  So I became active in CPRE Herefordshire because of its work commenting on planning applications.


Years ago I developed a personal philosophy based on a mantra…’children and the land’. It seemed to me that, in essence, they are all that matters. Our children should be reared to become healthy, contented and productive adults; we all have a duty to look after the land, especially the soil, to ensure the future health of the planet and thus the human race.

I joined CPRE because, in our attempts to protect the environment, I believe their aims and ideals meet these priorities.


I joined CPRE because of its focus on the planning system. Town planning in Britain grew from a desire to control the impact of man on the environment and to create beautiful settlements.  Britain has largely avoided urban sprawl, this is due to our planning system.

I hate placeless development and development which ruins its setting – there are so many examples of beautiful and sensitive buildings and places – planning is our most powerful tool in improving what we build today.


I have always felt the positive benefits of being outdoors, the love of having such awe-inspiring surroundings. However, over numerous years I have become more concerned with the need to protect our rural communities and countryside, feeling helpless to bring about change alone, I realise that we need to tackle these issues that we all face together and this is why I have joined CPRE Herefordshire.


My family enjoys wild swimming and walking by the rivers Lugg, Wye and Teme. We are devastated at the decline in these beautiful rivers in the last 10 years and because of this joined CPRE as citizen scientists. CPRE takes action in several ways to protect them, including demanding better enforcement of polluters by the EA and fighting planning applications for new IPUs. CPRE doesn’t just talk, it takes action. It is inspirational.