Hedgerows and verges in Herefordshire

By Dilys Merry
20th June 2021

Hedgerows are vital wildlife havens and corridors threading through Herefordshire.

Hedgerows and verges border most of the roads and lanes we travel on in Herefordshire. When they flourish, full of flowers and leaves, we can see how much they contribute to our surroundings. But did you know what a vital role they play in our natural environment, that they are important havens for a great variety of wildlife and also capture and reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? If our hedgerows and verges are to continue providing us with these benefits, we need to protect and sustain them for our present well-being and our future existence.

Want to find out more? You can read our beautifully illustrated new booklet Hedgerows and Verges in Herefordshire online or contact us at admin@cpreherefordshire.org.uk for a copy.

Hedgerow near Aston Crews in May
Hedgerow near Aston Crews in May Roger Davies