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Our inaugural village gathering sheds light on river pollution challenge

By Angharad
26th January 2024

We marked a significant milestone with our first village gathering held at Llangrove Village Hall on January 19th.

The event was titled ‘Can our rivers survive?’ which attracted an impressive turnout of over 80 attendees.  All eager to gain insights into the pollution challenges faced by the Wye Catchment and the crucial work carried out by our brilliant Citizen Scientists.

The gathering featured a screening of our new film all about CPRE Herefordshire, available here.  The film provided attendees with a deeper understanding of our commitment to save Herefordshire’s rivers from pollution.  As well as our other campaigns such as planting more hedgerows and stopping damaging developments to our countryside.

The highlight of the evening was the introduction of CPRE’s data collection initiative called Wye Viz.  This has been produced in collaboration with other Citizen Science groups. Wye Viz is an open-access visualisation platform available online.  It presents all data from samples of the River Wye taken over the past two years   This allows for comprehensive examination at both individual sampling sites and entire catchments (more info here).

The event fostered active participation, with attendees posing thoughtful questions and expressing interest in volunteering. Notably, the evening also saw a substantial fundraising success, with £1,255.00 raised in donations.  CPRE Herefordshire extends heartfelt gratitude to all attendees and contributors for their support.

Looking ahead, we plan to announce additional venues in 2024 for this talk series, “Can our Rivers Survive?” which will continue to address pertinent environment and landscape issues across Herefordshire.  Those interested in hosting such an event in their locality are encouraged to contact Barbara at for further details.

Thanks again to everyone who attended, those who donated and who expressed an interested in becoming a CPRE member and/or volunteer.

Llangrove CPREH can our rivers survive event Jan 2024
Paul Lodge