We spotlight Herefordshire’s hedgerows

By Dilys Merry
6th September 2021

Hedgerows form our largest, most joined-up nature reserves – so we’re delighted to showcase these vital wildlife havens in our new booklet Hedgerows and Verges in Herefordshire.

Hedgerows are now being recognised as environmental champions. Not only do they teem with wildlife and provide very varied habitats, they also:

  • soak up carbon
  • give shelter to livestock
  • protect against flooding
  • reduce soil losses from run-off
  • are a living record of the history of land use
  • act as wildlife ‘corridors’ to enable species to spread and colonise new areas
  • give a much-needed boost to rural economies

Above all they look wonderful too! Beautiful photographs and illustrations in our guide show just how much wildlife value can be found in our county’s hedges.

Safeguarding Herefordshire’s special hedgerows

You’ll be able to read all about planning and legal protections for hedges with the regulations simply explained. We share even more detailed information and useful contact addresses on our Hedgerow protection page.

Want to grow your own? We’ve included tips on what species to choose, how to look after them once you’ve planted them and longer-term management practices. Time of cutting and trimming hedges makes a huge difference to wildlife value so we’ve advice on that too.

You can read Hedgerows and Verges in Herefordshire online or contact admin@cpreherefordshire.org.uk for a copy.

Protecting hedges countrywide

CPRE the countryside charity is currently campaigning for an increase in our hedgerow stock. The Climate Change Committee has called for a 40% increase to help meet our goal of net-zero carbon by 2050 – we support this and say the government needs to set a clear target for this vital ambition. Please show you care by signing our petition!

Patchwork of fields viewed from Merbach Hill
Hedgerows creating a patchwork of fields viewed from Merbach Hill Mark Bradbury