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Herefordshire now has its very own climate challenge team

17th September 2020

In response to declaring a climate emergency on 8 March 2019, and announcing their target to become carbon neutral by 2030/31, Herefordshire Council set up the 2020 Climate Challenge Team.

This public team of 20 volunteers from all walks of life across the county will work with others in their area to develop ideas about what can be done to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net zero in Herefordshire.

Their goal is two-fold – over the next 12 months they aim to:

  • Work with others in their area to think through and collate ideas about what can be done to reduce emissions in Herefordshire.
  • Try to reduce their personal carbon footprint by 20% over the coming year – and share the ups and downs of the journey to help inspire others.

To help share their experiences with the wider community, the team set up a social media presence ‘ecoshire’, which launched on Tuesday, 1 September, on Facebook (where you can join their group to share the adventure), Twitter and Instagram. The purpose is to highlight the positives, but also the struggles that they face in their journey to becoming more environmentally friendly and reducing their carbon footprints.

As well as updates on their own journeys, they will be sharing environmental news from across Herefordshire and beyond, as well as featuring sustainable businesses and people in the county who share the same goal.

Herefordshire ecoshire