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CPRE Herefordshire and River Wye Preservation Trust Join Forces

By Angharad
27th December 2023

River Wye Preservation Trust has decided to merge with CPRE Herefordshire..

Amid growing concerns about the wellbeing of the River Wye, the River Wye Preservation Trust (RWPT) has decided to merge with CPRE Herefordshire.  Marking a pivotal move in leveraging their combined resources for the river’s preservation. Effective from January 2024, this merger signifies a united front against the challenges facing this historic river.

About the River Wye Preservation Trust

Established as a charity in 1986, the RWPT emerged from mounting worries surrounding the increased recreational use of the river, including unconventional activities like hovercrafts. Its founding mission aimed at harmonizing the interests of diverse river users, uniting farmers, canoeists, rowers, fishermen, and others. Under the leadership of Simon Dereham and subsequently Patrick Darling, the trust initiated the annual River Walk and recently highlighted Ben Taylor-Davies’ commendable regenerative farming practices.

The RWPT’s decision to merge stems from acknowledging the substantial issues affecting the River Wye, surpassing their present capacity for effective engagement. Following the passing of Patrick Darling a year ago, the Trustees and Committee realized the necessity to align with a group capable of actively advocating for the river’s welfare. Impressed by CPRE Herefordshire’s dedication to research-driven campaigns for the Wye’s health, the RWPT enthusiastically entrusted them with carrying forward this critical work.

The proposal received resounding support at an Extraordinary General Meeting held in the summer at the traditional meeting venue, the Bunch of Carrots in Hampton Bishop. CPRE Herefordshire’s Director, Andrew McRobb, expressed admiration for RWPT’s longstanding efforts and emphasized the strength in unity. He warmly welcomed RWPT’s members into CPRE, highlighting the shared goal of enhancing the ecology and environment of the Wye Catchment. This merger solidifies their commitment to continued Citizen Science initiatives and lobbying governmental bodies for the betterment of our rivers.

Revd Neil Patterson of RWPT can be reached for further information at, and a letter from the RWPT can be read here.


The merger of CPRE Herefordshire and the River Wye Preservation Trust stands as a beacon of hope.  Uniting expertise and passion to safeguard the invaluable heritage of the River Wye for generations to come.  Find out about Wye Viz – our next step in the fight to save the River Wye HERE.

Laurie Cox