Careful planning is one of the most important ways in which we can control and protect our environment whilst ensuring that sustainable development is possible. Whether planning in your neighbourhood or a planning application for development on your doorstep, planning decisions affect us all.

Responding to planning applications

Do you need help responding to a planning application?  Herefordshire CPRE have an on-line guide that will help you understand the process and demonstrate ways of responding.  The planning process is complex and it is important to put forward the best arguments whether supporting or opposing any planning application. Click here for our planning guide page.

As a branch we respond to Herefordshire Council consultations, such as the Herefordshire Local Plan and Hereford by pass. In 2013, we proposed the creation of a new AONB. We are also a statutory consultee for Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) at regulation 14.

Herefordshire CPRE has a small group of planning volunteers who advise and comment on inappropriate development in the countryside. We are able to do our work, thanks to the support of our membership.

Why is Planning Important in Herefordshire?

It is essential that you exercise your right to comment on, and try to influence the outcome of any planning application that may affect you, whether locally or in the county.