CPRE Herefordshire & County Planning (Core Strategy)

Herefordshire Council has been working on its Local Development Framework (LDF), which replaces the current Unitary Development Plan (UDP). Although four years overdue, the Plan is now ready for Inspection. This Inspection take place in February 2015.

CPRE Herefordshire will continue to play a major role in monitoring and influencing the on going development of the LDF to ensure that the outcomes are consistent with CPRE's objective of protecting the Herefordshire landscape.

Southern Link Road application alarm

In response to the most recent consultation CPRE has welcomed the reduction in the housing requirement for Herefordshire and for the city of Hereford and also the extension of the plan period to 2031. 

However, we still consider that the case for the Hereford relief road has not yet been established. We have also raised concerns at the lack of information to date on the impact of the increased water abstractions and discharges that will be generated by the proposed development, especially in and around Hereford and Leominster. Unless it can be shown that there will be no adverse impact on the Wye/Lugg Special Area of Conservation, the Core Strategy will be unsound and possibly unlawful.

Links To CPRE Herefordshire Response Documents

Although the LDF document is not yet ratified, in practice Herefordshire Council may start referring to the LDF for planning and policy decisions before it is adopted.