Mountain road at the English border near Cusop
Mountain road at the English border near Cusop Jonathan Billinger

Rather than easing it, new roads may actually generate more traffic and therefore pollution. Road building can cause needless environmental damage and sprawling development that is as bad for productivity as it is for quality of life.

In Herefordshire we have little dual carriageway and a few trunk roads but we do have around 2,000 miles of small roads. Our population is small but spread throughout the county.

We support investing more in public transport that works for all our community. The very rural communities need different solutions to those in Hereford City. Roads connect rural communities and as a county, many people are car dependent. We must find solutions such as community transport and ways to finance it that can realistically reduce individual journeys. Solutions cannot be one size fits all.

Road building is not a priority but road maintenance is something that is important to all those that live and work in the community.