The Council's Hereford Transport Strategy Review - have your say, share your ideas

CPRE members should be aware that there is another consultation underway about transport in Hereford and you have until the 31st of March to add your views. We really want you to take part!

The survey is Hereford-based and does not cover the market towns or our rural areas but is well worth your time if you visit the city and because changes in Hereford can impact on the surrounding countryside and communities.

The survey is available on the Council's website and can only be completed online.  You are presented with a map of Hereford and are asked to identify places where the traffic/road really works well for you or is an irritation (a 'place' could be specific or the whole of Hereford city).  You are then asked to say how you would improve matters. Full marks to Herefordshire Council for going into this level of detail, we're sure that everyone familiar with the city has their pet hate!

The survey then gives a list of 10 possible outcomes that the Hereford's transport strategy should focus on and a second list of 10 improvements.  You are asked to re-order each list according to your own priorities by clicking and dragging each option or improvement up or down the list to put them in order of importance to you.

Outcomes HCPRE is particularly interested in are:

  • reducing carbon emissions/improving air quality
  • offering realistic alternatives to the car
  • safer travel for all
  • supporting healthier lifestyles
  • improving access for rural residents 
  • improving public spaces

HCPRE believes that effective improvements would include investing in the bus network - electric buses and reduced fares, managing demand for car use in the city including possibly a congestion charge/workplace parking charges, safer roads in Hereford with more 20mph speed limits, investing in facilities for walkers and cyclists, supporting sustainable school travel and park and ride.

HCPRE believes that if you get the objectives for Hereford right then the improvements above are more likely to benefit our rural areas, reduce the pressure to build new roads through our prime countryside, make it easier for people to reach jobs, schools, hospitals and railway stations  as well as bring more life into the high streets of the five market towns.