Hereford Transport Package - Walking, cycling, bus and public space improvements consultation Spring 2019

We had expected Herefordshire Council to begin formal consultations on the bypass during the latter part of 2018/early 2019 but the engineering studies to confirm the route's feasibility had not been completed.  Instead the Council carried out a wider consultation exercise on the Hereford Transport package which still assumed a bypass would go ahead.  Any future bypass-specific consultation will now take place after the May 2019 local government elections for Herefordshire Council.

Our response to the Hereford Transport Package consultation on walking, cycling, bus and public spaces notes an unhelpful focus on engineering solutions to what is essentially an issue of human behaviour and choice - while at the same time the Council ignores its detrimental side effects on the approximately 80% of traffic that will remain. 

The consultation does not look at 20mph zones or behavioural change programmes including travel plans, which are the only two methods with proven success rates. 


We also repeat our opposition to the planned Bypass on the grounds of waste of money, landscape damage, little evidence of positive effects (evidenced in National CPRE's March 17 report 'The impact of road projects in England') and the danger that it will create car-dependent suburbs for the city rather than the ‘sustainable urban extensions’ which the consultation document prefers to describe.

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