Bypass update 30th July

Last Friday 27th July Herefordshire Council's Cabinet approved one of their seven shortlisted routes for further more detailed work. The red route crosses the Wye closer to Hereford 1/2 km downstream from Warham House, runs through the Community Farm and goes across the A438 Brecon Road (Kings Acre Road) at the middle of the three possible crossing points. It takes out the western 13 lime trees in the avenue of 60+ and threatens the future of the three local businesses - Bay Horse pub, Mitsubishi Garage etc

There are over 1700 pages of documents on the Council's website but they can also be reached via Breinton Parish Council's  website . 

Apparently all the seven routes performed very similarly on cost, engineering and traffic forecasts so the distinction between them was made on environmental and social grounds. Basically the red route destroys fewer trees and means that one less house will be demolished. Crucially - the consultants words - mitigation for noise, air, light pollution is easier with the red route than other close competitors. 
The chosen red route does pass closest to large housing estates south of the Wye and some local residents are getting concerned. Based on the consultation results from earlier this year public opinion is currently 59% for a bypass and 41% against. 80%+ want active travel methods.

The next stages in the Hereford road process are a formal consultation by Herefordshire Council before Christmas followed presumably by a planning application and secondly a Public Inquiry into Compulsory Purchase Orders for the southern link road. This runs from the A49 around the south of the city to Belmont Abbey on the A465 and then becomes the start of the proposed western bypass through Breinton.