Transport isn’t just a matter of building new roads or railway lines. It isn’t even about creating new bus routes or cycle lanes. Transport is usually just a means to an end – it gets us from one place to another.

How we travel and plan transport impacts on the environment and our quality of life. More roads can scar the landscape and the increase in flights is shattering tranquillity.

If it isn’t planned properly, the best transport system isn’t much use. If it is planned badly, transport can cause a great deal of damage, especially in the countryside. A lot of rural public transport is far too limited, in areas where people cannot easily cycle and walk to essential services – and where
speeding traffic makes the roads dangerous in any case.

Local transport

CPRE wants to see local transport improved so that there is genuine travel choice across England and dependency on car use is reduced.

To help achieve our vision we are campaigning for a national transport policy of ‘smarter travel first’, which will mean improving sustainable local transport so that road-building becomes the option of last resort.

CPRE and local transport

At the very local level, our Transport Toolkit is full of useful ideas and inspiring case studies to help you improve travel where you live.




Herefordshire Councils approved Core Strategy sets the scene for a number of major road developments: