Transport isn’t just a matter of building new roads or railway lines. It isn’t even about creating new bus routes or cycle lanes. Transport is usually just a means to an end – it gets us from one place to another.

How we travel and plan transport impacts on the environment and our quality of life. More roads can scar the landscape and the increase in flights is shattering tranquillity.

If it isn’t planned properly, the best transport system isn’t much use. If it is planned badly, transport can cause a great deal of damage, especially in the countryside. A lot of rural public transport is far too limited, in areas where people cannot easily cycle and walk to essential services – and where
speeding traffic makes the roads dangerous in any case.

Local transport

CPRE wants to see local transport improved so that there is genuine travel choice across England and dependency on car use is reduced.

To help achieve our vision we are campaigning for a national transport policy of ‘smarter travel first’, which will mean improving sustainable local transport so that road-building becomes the option of last resort.

CPRE and local transport

At the very local level, our Transport Toolkit is full of useful ideas and inspiring case studies to help you improve travel where you live.



Bypass update 30th July

Last Friday 27th July Herefordshire Council's Cabinet approved one of their seven shortlisted routes for further more detailed work. The red route crosses the Wye closer to Hereford 1/2 km downstream from Warham House, runs through the Community Farm and goes across the A438 Brecon Road (Kings Acre Road) at the middle of the three possible crossing points. It takes out the western 13 lime trees in the avenue of 60+ and threatens the future of the three local businesses - Bay Horse pub, Mitsubishi Garage etc


Council decides on Red Bypass Route - goes to Scrutiny Committee next week

The Council's decision for the Red route for the proposed bypass, announced yesterday evening, moves with haste to the Scrutiny Committee  (the relevant Supplement to the Agenda is published on the Council's website) next week on Weds 18th July at the Shire Hall at 10.00am.  If you have any questions for the Scrutiny Committee you need to submit them before 5pm Thursday 12th July .    


Proposed Bypass for Hereford - update July 8th

Herefordshire Council have announced when decisions will be taken on their preferred route for the proposed western bypass for Hereford.  At 19.00 on Tuesday 10th July a report about the Hereford Transport Package (HTP) will be published - presumably on Herefordshire Council's website.  This will include the Council's preferred route for the bypass from the seven routes shortlisted earlier this year.


Proposed Bypass for Hereford - update June 2018

Supporters of the proposed western bypass for Hereford have revealed their next steps. On Thursday July 19th the eight members of Herefordshire Council's ruling Cabinet (all Conservative) will do three things. Firstly they will consider the results of the Hereford Transport Plan consultation exercise held earlier this year. Secondly they will reveal their preferred bypass route from the seven that were shortlisted in the consultation. Finally they are expected to approve this preferred route and fund further work to develop it as well as a further statutory consultation on the preferred route. All the routes will involve demolishing peoples' homes along Kings Acre Road - and possibly elsewhere - as well as a bridge across the River Wye Special Area of Conservation which is supposed to have the highest form of environmental protection.  The Cabinet meeting is a public meeting in the Shire Hall - open to everyone - and many objectors are expected to attend. Please come along and make your voices heard.



Herefordshire Councils approved Core Strategy sets the scene for a number of major road developments: