Current Planning Issues


Housing Developments in and around Ledbury

In recent years Ledbury has seen planning applications for substantial housing developments which, if approved, would amount to growth for the town of at least 1530 new houses, well beyond what is envisaged in Herefordshire's Core Strategy (800).   Of course Ledbury is not alone in this, it is a pattern repeated across the country where developers target Councils without neighbourhood development plans or with weak ones (see CPRE national website 'The right homes in the right places') or search online for 'Gladman' for interesting articles.


Ocle Pychard Polytunnels (P182191/F)

Update 26.5.2019 - Overview of Planning Application for Ocle Pychard Polytunnels (P182191/F), our objections to the proposal and our legal challenge“Whilst some people may not like their (polytunnels’) appearance, others may well accept them as the sort of features one expects to see in the modern countryside”.  This is the astonishing claim made in th recent planning application for a polytunnel development in Ocle Pychard (P182191/F).  (Landscape and visual impact appraisal (LVIA) paragraph 8.3.10). 


Craswall Lambing Shed (183609/F)

This application was refused on 6th Feb 2019.  (For the background information please see below.)