Why is Planning Important in Herefordshire?

It is essential that you exercise your right to comment on, and try to influence the outcome of any planning application that may affect you, whether locally or in the county.  

  • A proper planning system is vital to our quality of life (Planning Green Paper. Dec 2001)
  • England is one of the most crowded countries in the world – we need good planning to deliver sustainable solutions and to create better places in which we can live and work
  • Without town and country planning widespread damage to the environment would have occurred over the last 50 years, probably with serious economic and social consequences.
  • Safeguarding the environment is fundamental to sustainable development (Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Mar. 2002)
  • The presumption in favour of the applicant, which has been an implicit feature of the planning system in the past ought no longer to apply (Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution. Mar. 2002)
  • People can be dramatically affected by planning decisions and care deeply about how new development, however small, can affect their surroundings
  • To be successful the planning system should promote economic prosperity but must also command public confidence by being open, fair and impartial

Our dedicated planning volunteers work conscientiously to ensure that speculative planning applications, where possible, are met with reasoned argument.  Sometimes we argue for mitigation, which can at least reduce the impact on the countryside.

New volunteers are always welcome, whether joining the planning team or working in support roles.

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CPRE and Planning

Land use planning has been a core concern to CPRE since our establishment. In that time CPRE has had many notable successes over the establishment of National Parks, the Green Belt, The Town and Country Planning Act and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Herefordshire Branch of CPRE began in 1931. Queenswood Park, Dinmore Hill, is one example of our early work in Herefordshire. 

We successfully campaigned against the Hereford Bypass in the 1990s and thanks to dedicated volunteers we have continued into the 21st century, where other issues have appeared and the Bypass threatens again.

Join us in standing up for the Herefordshire Countryside