Minerals and Waste Local Plan

HCPRE has responded to the consultation on the draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) Jan 2019, which closed on March 4th 2019. 

We highlighted the following major concerns -

1) The MWLP has shaky foundations. The policy documents behind it are generally old and there are significant gaps in the data which means that forecasts of demand, supply, reserves etc. carry little relevance; given the potential damage that could be caused should not the plan be more soundly based?
2) HCPRE thinks that the MWLP significantly underestimates the heavy traffic that quarries, waste operations, intensive farm units and digesters generate and that there should be a new policy setting out routes that these vehicles must follow (at present the only policy proposed is for movements within quarries - i.e. conveyor belts etc not trucks). The planners would argue that 'safe routes' can be a condition of any planning consent. 
3) HCPRE thinks that the MWLP also significantly underestimates the amount of materials that will need to be moved around Hereford in the next decade due to housing growth and potential road building (spoil to be disposed of and new materials brought in. Just imagine how much concrete would be needed for any new bridge over the River Wye and what that means in terms of sand, gravel and limestone.) 
4) Finally existing planning policies on intensive agricultural units and digesters are inadequate. We argue in our response that the policies proposed on their waste are unclear and can be significantly improved, not least because they can contribute to phosphate pollution (click here  for the phosphate pollution map (data up to Autumn 2017) commissioned by HCPRE.  Red points are over the ceiling, green are under.  Click once on each point to bring up the graph for that point.)
Click here for the full HCPRE response.