Currently there are two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Herefordshire. These are the Malvern Hills AONB & Wye Valley AONB.

In 2012 CPRE Herefordshire produced the report A New AONB for the Marches? Exploring the case for more Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This focussed on the hills of West Herefordshire, which are of undoubted beauty but that, for mainly bureaucratic reasons, have never been included in an AONB.

We sent the report to all parish councils in the area and a number of other local bodies

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AONB front image

In 2013 CPRE Herefordshire formally submitted a proposal to designate West Herefordshire as an AONB to Natural England, who were carrying out a national review of designations. 
The proposal was supported by Herefordshire Council. 

The outcome was that Natural England included the proposal in a shortlist of new or extended designations to be assessed as their resources allowed. 

At the moment they say their resources are tied up until 2018/19 with a current AONB boundary variation programme..

In the meantime there is nothing to stop parish councils identifying locally valued landscapes for special consideration in their neighbourhood plans.