The Hedgerow Project

In late 2008 CPRE Herefordshire won a bid from CPRE National Office to fund a Herefordshire Hedgerow Project (HHP). Led by three CPRE Herefordshire volunteers, (two of whom are on the Branch Executive Committee) the project began in 2009 and was extended to finish in 2014.

  • Volunteer survey groups or individuals are welcomed and given support and training, including the effective use of cameras and hand-held GPS.
  • Time sequences of maps are studied, historical and bio-diversity data examined and experienced local experts consulted.
  • Risk Assessments, to conform to insurance requirements, are completed by the CPRE representative before each Survey.
  • As well as our three CPRE volunteers, an experienced ex-Forestry Officer helps volunteers with survey methods and species identification.
  • Ideally the same stretch of hedgerow should be revisited, with records made in late winter/early spring and again in the summer.
  • A landscape mapping expert will collate and present the data, using his GIS system, which already has time sequenced base-maps and linked spreadsheets covering the county. He also organizes and leads some surveys.
  • (Volunteers are entitled to be reimbursed for the cost of travelling to/from the survey sites)

Project Aims:

  • To gain information as to whether there are important differences between hedges of substantially different dates or that are located in contrasting parts of Herefordshire
  • To identify hedges of networks of particular interest - whether for their historical, archaeological or community value; for their species, rarity or landscape contribution; or for being at particular risk or in need of conservation.

Permission from landowners is essential before any hedgerows are selected for survey.

Results Of The Herefordshire Hedgerow Project

An illustrated publication summarising the achievements of the HHP will be compiled.

The survey results will provide a valuable archive, which will be accessible by Herefordshire Council Planning Officers, Parish Councils and other interested bodies. It will also be of interest and value to Herefordshire residents and environmentalists.

Some of the volunteers involved may wish to carry on with future surveys, with or without CPRE leadership, to map more of the Herefordshire's hedgerows and hereby increase the data that could well inform future planning in the county.

Volunteering With CPRE Herefordshire

We could not have achieved so many Surveys if it were not for the hard work from our project volunteer groups.

Herefordshire is a large county and more volunteers were welcomed to help in 2014, the final year for the HHP.

Volunteers learned about the plant species in their area and not only about the history of the landscape and how it has changed but also technology and recording skills. 

It was felt that further surveys were needed to the west of Hereford City where possible development (housing, roads) may take place.

For more information please email CPRE Herefordshire's Administrator: