Herefordshire CPRE is grateful to generations of farmers for their care of the landscape. Without care & management, the landscape would look very different today.

Modern farming is not easy. Many farms have had to diversify to survive, whether into tourism or seeking alternative ways to farm viably in today’s world.

Due to our remit we campaign on issues that affect the character of the countryside; however, HCPRE is not anti-farming.  We laud and support those that find sustainable alternatives.

There are many farmers out there working quietly to conserve wildlife and landscapes. “It needs to be understood that the view of farmers needing incentives to think of conservation is untrue” [Caroline Hanks, Farming Advisor at the HCPRE Autumn Conference 2017: Brexit, opportunities and risks for the countryside]

We do have concerns regarding the cumulative effect of Intensive Poultry Units within the county, over removal of ancient hedgerows and over the hectares of Herefordshire Grade 1 & 2 land covered with plastic polytunnels for table top growing.


Hedgerows and Planning

Herefordshire Council refused an application Spring 2017 to grub up almost 700 metres of established hedgerow on farmland north of Bromyard (Planning Application P 171962/H). The proposal was vigorously opposed by HCPRE and provided the opportunity for us to refresh our knowledge of the legislation protecting hedgerows.


Intensive Poultry Units

A major threat to Herefordshire’s countryside today is the rapid growth in the intensive livestock industry, which is generating a wave of vast industrial complexes across the rural landscape.


Poly Tunnels in Herefordshire

CPRE Herefordshire believes that large-scale, intensive polytunnel developments are damaging the countryside. We believe that the Wye Valley AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty), in particular, should be protected from these intrusive structures, as contrary to the special landscape designation of these areas.