We're looking forward to working with the new Herefordshire Council to look after our county

Now that all the votes have been counted for Herefordshire Council it is clear that there is no longer a Conservative majority on the new Council.  For the record the figures are
Independents 18 
Conservatives 13
It's Our County 8
Green Party 7 
Liberal Democrats 6. 
Hfds Council after may 10 elections
The Ross North election has been postponed until June because one of the candidates unfortunately died. 
CPRE wishes all the new and returning councillors well.  We are looking forward to working constructively with them to conserve everything that is best about Herefordshire's wonderful countryside.  All of the major committees will now include new members.  We hope that this will result in stronger policies to ensure our unique environment gets better protection than it has had in recent years.  These must include reconsidering the proposed western bypass.