The future of trees and woodland ecosystems in Wales - find out more on November 10th

With the uncertainties of Brexit and agricultural policy change, rural Wales is facing long-term and far-reaching change, with great uncertainty about future land use and environmental protection.  Trees and woodland systems are facing huge and multiple pressures, often as a result of human activity. 

Our sister branch in Wales, CPRW Brecon and Radnor, is collaborating with Coed Cadw/Woodland Trust in Wales to host a panel of experts at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod on Sunday.   Expert speakers will discuss the threats, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, including ways in which the public can get involved and make a difference.

Alastair Hotchkiss of the Woodland Trust will be focussing on ammonia impacts on ancient woodland and the inter-relationship of environmental stresses and tree disease, which may be of particular interest re: the profusion of Intensive Poultry Units locally. 

For details and how to book see the poster below:-