The Committee on Climate Change publish their Net-Zero Report

On 2 May, the government’s expert advisers, the Committee on Climate Change, published a report
on how the UK could meet the international target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C as per the
2015 UN Paris Agreement.  A 1.5°C rise is considered the threshold for dangerous climate change.
Currently we are on track for at least 3°C.  The key recommendation from the report is that the UK
must aim to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.Committee on climate change we will need to...A net-zero target would require a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.  It is referred to as
‘net’ as the expectation is that it would be met with some remaining sources of emissions, which
would need to be offset by removals of CO2 from the atmosphere – by growing trees, for example.
A government response to the report is now awaited to see if they adopt the net-zero by 2050
target in law – it is expected they will.  This would mark a tightening of the commitment in the 2008
Climate Change Act to an 80% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2050.  The report calls for
unprecedented changes to many aspects of our lives, including phasing out petrol and diesel
vehicles by 2035, the replacement of nearly all household gas heating and allowing a fifth of UK
agricultural land to shift to tree-planting, peat restoration and energy crop production.