Thanks and appreciation to our planning team

A Review of the past 7 years of our planning team's hard work has spotlighted the effort and skill put in - for which we are all so grateful - and the effectiveness of our involvement in over 160 planning submissions!

Our dedicated team have in-depth knowledge of various types of planning application and are happy to help by giving advice or pointing people in the right direction.  However the number of requests for help we get often outweighs the 'person-hours' available and we're always keen to welcome new volunteers.  You don't need to be experienced as any newcomer will be mentored by one of our 'old-hands' for as long as they need.  Many of the PLAN team members prefer to focus on one area of the county or a particular type of application (for example Intensive Poultry Units), so if you have a particular area of interest do let us know.

We'd be delighted to welcome you on to our team!

For more information please contact:

Patrick Goode

HCPRE Branch Secretary / Member of the PLAN team


01531 632 235