Sun Valley discourages new broiler units in Herefordshire

Herefordshire CPRE welcomes the announcement to farmers in Herefordshire by Avara (formerly Sun Valley and Cargill) discouraging any new intensive poultry units.

We have formally objected to applications for these large developments on the grounds that they degrade the landscape and previously tranquil environments with noxious smells, considerable amounts of dust containing dubious aerosols, noise from a large increase in HGV movements day and night, often in narrow lanes, and problems from large quantities of manure.  Arsenic and high levels of phosphates in the manure that is used as a fertiliser enter the soil and subsequently the local water courses.  While this may be due to other causes, it is established that levels of phosphates in the Lugg and the Wye have risen during this period of increasing density of broiler developments. Phosphates kill both vegetation and animal life.

Please see our page on intensive chicken rearing for our full response and more background information.