Success for local campaigners against intensive poultry unit

Sustainable Food Knighton (SFK) are celebrating Powys County Council's admission that it should not have granted planning permission for another intensive poultry unit (IPU).  Although the group's opposition is based on the many adverse effects of IPUs, the actual decision was based on the fact that disposal of the manure might adversely affect the local population.  A successful crowdfunding campaign provided the backing to make a legal challenge to the initial planning approval.

The Council conceded after SFK's application for a judicial review was granted by a High Court Judge (full story here on the SFK website).  An article in Saturday's Guardian covered the decision, including the estimate that there are around 8.5 million head of poultry in Powys – equivalent to 64 birds for every person – the majority on 100 large-scale farms raising more than 40,000 chickens each. 

Our current concerns for the health of the River Wye focus on pollution not just from sewage but also agricultural run-off - with the proliferation of industrial scale chicken units (requiring disposal of manure by spreading) a likely contributor.