Severe weather - warning!

After a particularly wet week, just where a proposed "bypass" bridge would cross the River Wye at Warham, the flooded river level topped 6 metres this weekend.  However, the pastures of the flood plain did their job in absorbing and dispersing some of the water pouring down from the Welsh mountains, and flood levels through Hereford were not quite so high.  It is so important that flood plains are not built on because the flood risk there, and subsequently on adjacent land further downstream, becomes increased. 
The Environment Agency graph for Hereford Bridge just downstream from Warham shows just how fast the river rose.  A peak was expected at Saturday lunchtime, but the water continued to rise until Sunday tea-time, as recorded by the Governments' Flood Information Service.
The County Council is working in partnership with local bodies and communities on various projects to reduce the flow of floodwater higher up in the river catchment, for example by planting more trees and creating leaky dams.   Click here to see the Natural Flood Management Project in more detail.