Results are out for the Star Count!

Dark starry skies are a beautiful sight, and a distinctive feature of the countryside.  But too often, light pollution means that many of us can’t see the stars.  Nearly 2,500 people nationally took part in  CPRE's annual Star Count, our cosmic census to map the nation’s view of the night sky, which uses the number of stars visible to the naked eye in the Orion constellation to measure how dark our skies are.  We’re now pleased to be able to share the results.

You can see an interactive map of the country here

 Unfortunately, for most of us light pollution is blocking our view of the night sky.  61% of people taking part counted ten stars or fewer, meaning they were in an area with severe light pollution. That’s an increase from 57% last year.

The good news is that 3% of viewers could see more than 30 stars, enjoying the magic of truly dark skies.

CPRE, along with the British Astronomical Association’s Commission for Dark Skies, say that councils must act on light pollution so more people can enjoy starry skies.

More on Herefordshire's own results tomorrow!