Please tell the Council what you want!

From the Herefordshire Council's Budget meeting yesterday morning - £40 million could be spent on eco-friendly measures including electric buses.  It's absolutely vital for us all to have a say in the Transport Planning for Hereford and the county; please please complete their online survey (click here) and tell the Council your views and ideas.
Herefordshire Council says:-
"We need to make sure that the measures we take to address travel issues such as congestion and air quality are positive for Hereford and our whole county. They must be consistent with the council’s declaration of a climate emergency as our decisions will have a permanent impact upon the environment which will last for generations to come.

We want to make it more pleasant to move around, create attractive well-maintained public areas that make it easier to walk and cycle and introduce a high quality, well-connected and low carbon transport system."

Let's support them in this!