Our Chief Executive Crispin Truman writes opinion piece in the Times on planning reform

The Times has published an opinion piece on the Government's planning reforms by our Chief Executive Crispin Truman, voicing the unanimous concerns of CPRE local groups across the country at the loss of local democracy and the risk to the countryside.  He writes that 'a key policy of the new system could remove the right of residents and constituents to have a say on developments, effectively halving democratic input in the planning process.'  

 'But it’s not too late to make sure communities are at the heart of decision-making about their environment....The government has a golden opportunity to reform the planning system and to put people and nature at its heart.'

 'The best way to deliver the places that we need at the pace we need them is to make it easier for councils to get local plans in place, and then to hold developers to those plans, and then to invest in more of the affordable homes that are needed locally.'

You can read the full text of the article here. 

Photo by Stuart Frisby on Unsplash