Neighbourhood Development Plans - we DO want Herefordshire to use them in planning decisions!

Excellent news that both Ledbury and Peterstow overwhelmingly voted 'Yes', giving the NDP some weight when planning applications are considered and therefore giving local people's views some weight.  It's particularly important in Herefordshire to have an Adopted NDP, as the Council has underperformed on its housing targets recently (they need a secure 5 year housing supply and currently only have a 4.55% supply)  which gives developers an opportunity to by-pass local planning policies when applying for planning permission.  
Well done residents of Ledbury and Peterstow (51.9% turnout) for making their voices heard!
For the official results click here, and scroll down to the bottom of the list.
All 27 Neighbourhood Areas polled so far have voted 'Yes', with 25 of the results being over 80% for 'Yes'.