Join the regeneration!

This week national CPRE showed it's thinking big with the launch of its Regeneration campaign video - aiming to build a movement of people determined to breathe new life into our countryside – the regeneration.  Because in regenerating our natural spaces, we enhance our own lives too.Join the regeneration

During lockdown, it was clear how much so many of us were coming to find fresh value in and affection for our local green spaces – for so many people, they proved a lifeline.  This is turn inspired CPRE to talk more about this and celebrate the countryside, and share our passion for positive progress with others.

Extensive research with YouGov revealed:

  • 90% of people agreed that spending time in the countryside was good for their physical and mental wellbeing
  • the countryside was an important concern of society at large where people feel disconnected and 87% of the population think the countryside is under threat.

Now that the government will be building back the economy after coronavirus, though, it feels more than ever as though it’s a moment full of opportunities for change: a moment that a movement of people, a generation, can make a huge difference to our futures.  Joining our local Herefordshire CPRE group can be a first step to making real change happen!

Please enjoy watching the video, and share widely with your friends and family to spread the word.  Thanks!