Join our national campaign against fast-track fracking......... impacting at a local level.  

Recent government proposals to fast-track fracking are getting closer to reality.

The government wants to make it possible to drill test wells for non-hydraulic fracking without needing to apply for planning permission, using planning tools intended to approve low-impact developments like conservatories – not fracking.

Fracking poses serious risks to our countryside, and unless these risks can be fully mitigated there should be more - not less - scrutiny.

And they’re proposing that fracking decisions can be forced through from national government – disregarding community opposition and overstepping local councils’ autonomy.

The proposals are being consulted on right now. Will you help CPRE make sure local councils know the impact of these proposals and urge them to raise concerns with your MP?

For a simple explanation and prepared letter visit National CPRE's page.......... all you need to do is fill in your details and area.