Hereford Community Cleans Up again!

People power struck again when 100 volunteers removed a ton of rubbish from the River Wye.

The Hereford Community Cleaner-Uppers cleared a stretch between the Hunderton railway bridge and Rotherwas.  Bravo to all who turned out!  There are more 'deep-cleans' planned for the summer months, with full safety and risk training beforehand, if you'd like to join in contact HCCUgroup via their website.

National CPRE continues to campaign for a litter-free future and a practical and effective deposit return scheme which:

  • includes all sizes of bottle, can and carton.
  • includes all materials – aluminium, plastic, glass and Tetrapak.
  • is accessible for all, regardless of mobility or other considerations.
  • is paid for by the drinks manufacturers.
  • is UK-wide.
  • is carbon neutral, with no impact on climate change.
  • boosts the UK recycling sector, with any new plants being built on brownfield first.
  • works alongside other solutions to reduce waste and increase recycling.


Photo Hereford Times