About CPRE nationally

About the CPRE

CPRE Herefordshire is the local branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, which is a national organisation with a branch in each county.

CPRE is widely respected as a forceful campaigning organisation that wins arguments through the quality of our research and the persuasiveness of our ideas. We take the countryside's case to the nation's policymakers.

Our work matters because today our countryside is threatened as never before. Huge areas of what William Blake called our 'green and pleasant land' have been lost since 1945, to make way for urban development. CPRE believes we have a duty to ourselves and to future generations to stop the needless destruction of the countryside.

CPRE campaigns locally, regionally and nationally. At each level, we work to influence planning policy, oppose developments that threaten the countryside, support beneficial change and campaign on rural policy issues.

We are influencing local authorities to adopt rural transport strategies, including action to protect our country lanes.
Around the country we are also fighting a great many local battles to stop rural land being swallowed up by development.